Open Sourcing My Kaggle Pipeline

I am following Kaggle community for last several years. In 2021, I actively participated in multiple Tabular Playground Series competitions. I didn't perform well (struggled to be around top 10%), but I used this opportunity to build a robust Kaggle Pipeline for my personal use. After September 2021's Tabular Playground Series competition, I decided to … Continue reading Open Sourcing My Kaggle Pipeline

Wildfly 8.x : Control maximum number of connections (threads) assigned to an application

In Wildfly, multiple applications can be deployed together. With the default configuration, there is no control on the maximum number of connections/threads assigned to any particular application. This blog describes configurations needed to restrict maximum number of threads assigned to any application. That way if one of the applications hang (consuming all the threads assigned … Continue reading Wildfly 8.x : Control maximum number of connections (threads) assigned to an application

Popularity (Usability) Index for Programming Languages

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word "popular" means "liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group". I know folks who code just for their living without any love for it. So, I am not going to use the term "Popularity", but will use the term "Usability" - "Usability Index For … Continue reading Popularity (Usability) Index for Programming Languages

Problems with Checked Exception in Java

Recap: Exception Hierarchy In Java In Java, we have three types of Throwables : Error and it’s subclasses Runtime Exception and it’s subclasses And the rest (Non-Runtime Exceptions) Exceptions those lie in the third category are called Checked Exceptions. If a method throws a checked exception, the compiler makes sure that the API user handles … Continue reading Problems with Checked Exception in Java