“The unexamined life is not worth living” 


I am Arnab Biswas, father of two daughters and an avid reader.

I work as Machine Learning Architect at EcoEnergyCarrier Global Corporation.

Around 17 years back, I started my career as a software developer. Over years, I have worked for multiple organizations in the Telecom & Networking domain, e.g. , Cisco Systems, Nokia Siemens Networks, Sasken Communications etc.

As an ML architect, my current area of focus is Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) assets. My work has largely been in the intersection of ML and software engineering (my talk on this topic here).

I like to share my experience on different ML & MLOps related topics at various meetups and conferences (all my talks here). I have participated in various ML competitions including Kaggle (my ML competitions page here). As a volunteer of DataKind, I worked with multiple non profit organizations in India trying to solve their data related needs (my work here).

I am a believer of open source software and community. For more than a decade, I am regularly contributing to stackoverflow (my profile) and various open source softwares.

I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In spite of the pain, it has helped me come to a deeper understanding of myself, and it has allowed me to discover joy in even the smallest of things from life.