Machine Learning Competitions

I used to participate in Machine Learning competitions in Kaggle and in other platforms. I contributed to Notebooks, Discussion and Data Sets In Kaggle as well. I am a 2x Kaggle Expert (Notebook & Discussion).

Following are few competitions I participated in past and considerably did well:

  1. Kaggle Tabular Playground Series – Sep 2021: Top 13% (code)
  2. Kaggle Tabular Playground Series – Aug 2021: Top 8% (code)
  3. Kaggle Tabular Playground Series – Mar 2021: Top 14% (code)
  4. Analytics Vidhya and L&T Financial Services Dat Science FinHack 2019: Top 12% (code)
  5. Sangam 2019 by IIT Madras Alumni Association & HackerEarth: Top 1% (code)

I have open sourced my Python based Kaggle Pipeline (here).