“Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers” : Book Review

Those who are building or managing a Data Science team will find Roy Keyes‘s book Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers” helpful.

The author begins by defining Data Science and Machine Learning, then goes on to explain the types of roles available in the market today, when to apply Data Science to your organization, and when not to apply it (if you have a marketing team that only needs it).The author continues by explaining how to identify the roles needed, prepare job descriptions to be posted, sort resumes, conduct interviews, and select candidates. By the end of the book, he describes how to set up a team for success. Aside from that, he talks about various mistakes organizations make when transitioning to Data Science, making the book engaging to read (for example, hiring a team without a specific business goal or without access to data).

As an individual contributor, I have limited hiring experience. Nonetheless, based on my experience in Data Science, I recommend this book highly. If you are a hiring manager, it will help it in building a team and delivering data driven projects/products. If you are a candidate for employment, you’ll know what to expect and what’s expected of you in the hiring process.

This book includes a bonus list of interviews with Data Science leaders from Mozilla, Wikimedia, Spotify, iRobot, and Lift.

Last but not least is the section “Appendices”. This section breaks down the tasks and requirements for the various roles.

Happy reading!

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